Pain Management Physicians Brooklyn

Pain management physicians offer their services in Brooklyn for residents in this area. You can locate a doctor near you by checking out a reliable pain physician location directory online.

Pain is a debilitating condition that can be acute or chronic, affecting various organs of the body– head, back, joints or even the stomach. While you can handle pain to a certain extent through home remedies, in more serious cases it is better to consult a pain management physician to address aspects related to the cause of the pain and its treatment.

Professional Treatment to Alleviate Your Pain

Pain management physicians in Brooklyn will be able to render expert professional treatment to alleviate chronic as well as acute pain disorders. The pain disorders caused by surgery, a debilitating illness or a serious injury are handled efficiently by these physicians.

Here are some of the most common types of pain that requires early management:

Arthritis pain
Nerve pain
Back pain
Muscular pain
Pain caused by herniated disc
Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Cancer pain
Hip pain
Pain caused by migraine

What You Can Expect from Your Pain Management Physician

To serve you better, your pain management physician in Brooklyn will examine past medical records and X-rays. He will also carry out a complete physical examination on you to get a clear understanding about your pain condition.

Additional tests may be done to find the root cause of your pain and determine how the problem can be best addressed.

To address acute and unbearable pain, these physicians incorporate various techniques in pain management, which include exercise, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), manual techniques, administration of analgesics, NSAIDs, narcotic medications, muscle relaxants, anti-convulsants and antidepressants, radiofrequency radio ablation, surgically implanted electrotherapy devices, prolotherapy, and injections.

Personalized Treatment for Effective Pain Management

Experienced pain management physicians usually design a treatment plan that is personalized to meet your individual needs. They adopt a single approach or use a suitable combination of therapies, procedures and medication after carefully analyzing your needs.